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DIY Starfish Cuff

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If my dad has taught me anything it’s that any sort of mold is bad! Mold on food, BAD! Mold from a house leak, VERY BAD! Enter silicone mold, GOOD! I saw this picture, and somewhere deep in my soul I knew that I needed a starfish cuff, so I decided to make one myself! I started with Easy mold silicone putty, Fimo, and a dried starfish from a craft store.

Following the instruction on the box, I mixed the silicone and molded it around the original starfish shape. With the perfect resulting mold, I filled it with Fimo and wrapped the Fimo starfish around a small glass. I baked the starfish wrapped glass in the oven for 15 minutes at 275 deg F, let it cool then spray painted it gold!

Use a glass smaller than your arm, as Fimo is a little flexible. You can use any object to make yourself a unique cuff, and you can use all sorts of casting materials like  resin, epoxy, wax, plaster, air dry clay, concrete and low melt metals.

UPDATE: Another way to make this DIY at an even cheaper price point would be to press the original starfish into a block of Fimo, follow the same baking instructions, let cool, then use it as a mold! This would cut the price more by than half! EasyMold is washable, food grade and won’t deteriorate, but for this project you don’t really need those attributes.

I hope everyone is having a great week, (so far) mine is super productive, super busy, and ultimately very rewarding!


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