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DIY Chanel Espadrilles

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It might not be clear from all the luxury products I DIY here, but I truly believe in investing in a few high quality pieces to keep and cherish forever.
I was seriously considering buying a pair of genuine Chanel Espadrilles, convinced that I would wear them everyday and it would be well worth the $800-$1,200 to investment in something beautiful.

Then I realized I hate flats and have never actually worn an espadrille in my life.
Potentially awful decision alert.
When I saw the perfect base shoe at Target, I thought I might as well make a DIY and test run espadrilles to see if I actually need them!

This no-sew DIY took me 5 minutes to make, super quick and super easy!

Tools Needed
suede espadrilles here or here / a small section of suede fabric / iron on adhesive / scissors, iron & ironing board

1. Cut out the provided double C template and trace two copies onto the smooth, paper side of the iron on adhesive.

2. Iron the back face of your suede fabric to the textured face of your iron on adhesive. Trim into logo shapes.

3. Peel off the paper from the adhesive, place the logo adhesive side down onto your shoe and iron carefully from the middle outwards.

And You’re done!

Are you guys excited to head to Target and make your own?

Leave me a comment and let me know!

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