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DIY Alberta Ferretti Party Shoes

When I spotted the beautiful heels at Alberta Ferretti’s spring 2014 runway show my heart skipped a beat! Not only are they seriously perfect for holiday parties, but they are soooo easy to DIY! I found these black heels in the wardrobe room at work, and spent about $5 on satin ribbon. Easy. Tools needed: a pair […]

DIY Paper Flower Wall

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a DIY I spent months making. It’s not a hard DIY, just time-consuming when done to scale. We decided to make the wall after one of our favourite ladies, Nina, created the most beautiful paper roses for my Lancome shoot back in April. I’ve always been obsessed with statement walls, […]

DIY Glitter Coffee

It might be a good time to confess, I’m basically a three-year old. I love board games, cartoons and anything that makes me believe in magic. One non-inspiring monday morning I started wondering how to make Mondays more exciting. I had some left over edible glitter and decided to make my own sparkling coffee sweetener, […]

DIY Perfume Clutch

 The perfume clutch. An accessory that I initially thought to be too campy became an obsession. Seen above, Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper rocked the Charlotte Olympia clutch and subsequently rocked my world. The clutch retails at $1,200 and the Chanel perfume clutch retails at $9,500….prices I’m NOT willing to pay for an accessory that may or may not […]

DIY Chanel/ Pamela Love Crystal Cuff

Happy Victoria Day long weekend to all my Canadian’s out there! Here at Dream Create I like to celebrate with gifts, first the gift of sharing a DIY, and then an actual gift! Today’s DIY was inspired by the crystal cuffs pictured below, the left from Chanel, and the right from Pamela Love. Apparently both were inspired […]

DIY Starfish Cuff

If my dad has taught me anything it’s that any sort of mold is bad! Mold on food, BAD! Mold from a house leak, VERY BAD! Enter silicone mold, GOOD! I saw this picture, and somewhere deep in my soul I knew that I needed a starfish cuff, so I decided to make one myself! I started with Easy […]